5th Annual June JAMR 2019 - 110 DAYS TO GO AND COUNTING!!!

Get ready for the fifth annual June JAMR, Saturday June 8, 2019!

Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. at Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson, Raleigh, NC.

More details to come shortly. Check back often!


Tickets are $10 each!





128 Days and Counting! The Fourth Annual June JAMR is coming fast!

The Fourth Annual June JAMR - 2018, is coming quickly. Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 9, 2018 and join us at Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson (TRH-D), Raleigh NC for registration at 9:30 a.m. Don't miss out on lunch for all registered riders in the event, being served by Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen at TRH-D prior to kick stands up (KSU) and the launch of our ride. During registration and lunch there will be opportunities for silent auction bids as well as raffle ticket purchases (a chance at a Wilmington Stainless Steel Gas Grill, a Remington Shotgun, and $100 cash!!!). Door prizes will also be up for grabs! During lunch we will be honored by a guest speaker from the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research out of Chicago, IL. Our ride will move east from TRH-D at 12:30 p.m. with first stop at Double Barley Brewing Co. in Smithfield NC. A percentage of drink sales on our stop there will be donated back to the June JAMR. Next stop will be Fun Products, Inc. of Goldsboro, where our big raffle ticket winners will be announced, as well as winners of our silent auction. A memorial service will be held prior to the last leg of our journey. Finale stop will be with Cycle Max of Wilson, where a finale door prize will be offered up! You don't want to miss this great fun filled day of events with great friends, all for a great cause - to further common knowledge of Sarcoidosis, while raising funds to fight it, as well as help others in our community, all in Jerry's memory! We look forward to seeing you in June! Until then, ride safe and be well...and don't forget to contact a board member for your raffle tickets now...on sale, thru the day of our ride. We are a 501 C 3 Nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Portions of 2018 proceeds will benefit Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, Faith FWB Church and Kitty Askins Hospice Center of Goldsboro, NC.


Well folks, another year has come and gone and it is almost time to ride for our cause again! We are a five county, mostly escorted ride, totaling over 100 miles. It will be a phenomenal day with great food, opportunities to win prizes, and knees in the breeze behind bars! We are so excited!

This year has brought much additional growth to the JAMR and we are pleased with new sponsorship tiers and new sponsors! Much thanks to everyone who makes what we do possible, to include not only sponsors, but also our participants (that's you folks!), and our dedicated volunteers. Be sure to visit our sponsors tabs to learn more about our sponsors and our new additions this year and how you can offer your thanks buy showing them some love.

Other additions this year include a big item raffle with three chances to win! We have some cash, a Remington shotgun, and a Yamaha generator up for grabs. Additionally, we have a silent auction this year that will travel with our ride, and finalize at our memorial stop at Fun Products of Goldsboro. We have several items offered by our sponsors and other individuals who support our efforts. We will have everything from a biker coat, helmet, and gift certificates of various types, to misc. motorcycle parts and accessories. Who knows, you may find something you can bid on that will fit your scoot at a great deal while further helping our cause!!

We certainly hope that you will come out and join us on June 10th. Remember, you can preregister and pay here online or the morning of the event. Details can be found on our home page. Don't forget, we will ride rain or shine...but in the event of clouds or rain, don't let that keep you from a great day of fellowship with biker brothers and sisters - we will gladly welcome you on your cages, too - even if the sun is shinning! Last, we do what we do to not only memorialize Jerry, but to also raise awareness of Sarchoidosis. While doing so, we also raise money to further research and to assist others in need, within Jerry's home communities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our "contact" tab. We look forward to seeing you soon! Until then, ride safe and be well! ~

Happy New Year!

Hello JAMRs! The June JAMR crew hopes that each of you and your families had an amazing holiday season and are looking forward to 2017 as much as we are. Although the end of each year is very busy for everyone, the Board of Directors has continued to work hard to get everything prepared for our event on June 10, 2017. Since our last board meeting of 2016 we have been very excited to share some news with all of you. The first bit of news we must share is that we have added several new sponsors to our JAMR sponsorship tiers. Please go to the link above titled Help Out or Sponsor and browse through each of our sponsorship tiers to see who has been added. Without each of these amazing sponsors and their contributions to help ensure a successful event for 2017 we would not be able to help raise awareness for Sarcoidosis research or contribute to our local community. We would like to send a huge thank you to each one of our sponsors for making this whole event a possibility year after year.

The next exciting announcement is that the June JAMR Board of Directors has voted to nominate a 3rd recipient of funds raised during the 2017 JAMR event. In addition to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research and Faith Church, this year we plan on donating a portion of our proceeds to Arr-Mac Water Response Team in light of their high demand and fast response in the aftermath and flooding associated with Hurricane Matthew. The June JAMR is proud to be able to help each of these organizations and will be sharing more information about some of the ways you can help us with this below and will continue to share more as we get closer to the 2017 event.

The final bit of news we want to share at this time is information about our new fundraising and prize-winning opportunities for 2017. In addition to selling 50/50 raffle tickets, JAMR bracelets, and holding a silent auction the day of the event, this year the June JAMR will feature a big-ticket raffle! Tickets for the June JAMR 2017 Prize Raffle will be $10 and will offer 3 chances to win great prizes. The prizes will be awarded at the event on June 10, 2017 but you do not need to be present to win.

1st Prize: Yamaha EF2400iSHC Inverter Series Generator- MSRP $1479 (Available at Fun Products, Inc., Goldsboro)


This is a high current 171cc overhead valve engine containing the latest inverter technology and puts out 2400 maximum watts of clean pure power. Weighing in at 75 lbs this inverter is not only super quiet, but very portable as well!

2nd Prize: Remington 870 Express Vent Rib Wood Stock Pump 12 Ga. Shotgun- MSRP $439 ($300 Cash Value, Paradise Pawn, Benson)


3rd Prize: $100 Cash!

We will begin selling tickets for these amazing prizes mid-January. To get your tickets contact us on our website, Facebook or Twitter. You may also email us at thejunejamr@gmail.com , text (919) 922-1106, or contact any board member to purchase tickets.

Thank you for all your support and please stay tuned to our social media accounts or website to get all the latest JAMR news. As always if you would like to volunteer please utilize the contact us section of our website or send us a message on Facebook. We are looking forward to a very successful and fun event for 2017. From all of us at the June JAMR, we hope you have a happy and safe new year!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas was one of Jerry's favorite times of the year. No doubt since he resembled Santa so much. Many a child thought he was magical. LOL. So, in the highest fashion, Merry Christmas to all of you, from all of us at The June JAMR!!!

Preparing for The June JAMR 2017!

The final board meeting of 2016 is coming up on December 18, 2016. At this meeting the Board of Directors will finalize plans for the 2017 event. Look for exciting announcements after this meeting including information about our big ticket raffle with three chances to win awesome prizes! Ticket sales will begin at the beginning of 2017 and you will not want to miss this opportunity to win! 

This year The June JAMR has decided to recognize each of our amazing contributors with new sponsorship tiers that will help us express our appreciation to their commitment. Information about each one of these tiers can be found under our Help Out and Sponsor section of The June JAMR website. We would like to extend a huge thank you and congratulations to our 1ST "Chrome Club" sponsor, Behind Barz Magazine! Their contribution has earned them a spot in our most elite sponsorship tier and will help our organization reach new levels of success during our 2017 event which will allow us to bring more awareness to Sarcoidosis and help to our local community. Any individual or business that is interested in becoming a member of our "Chrome Club", "Iron Horses Club", "Saddle-Up Club", or "Leather Club" will need to submit a written confirmation of their contribution to The June JAMR in writing no later than December 15, 2016 in order to be included in print marketing efforts  but sponsorship is always welcome throughout the year. This can be submitted to our email: thejunejamr@gmail.com. The donation will need to be sent to the organization no later than March 1, 2017. For more information please feel free to contact us!

The June JAMR is busy organizing and preparing in order to ensure a fun and successful ride for 2017! Check back often for new announcements about all the things we have planned and to make sure you have the best chances at winning some of our awesome new prizes. Also, if you would like to be a part of this exciting event but are not interested in riding please contact us through our contact section of our website or our email address and our volunteer coordinator can talk to you about ways you can help. We appreciate all of our volunteers and sponsors who make this organization and event a possibility!


Saturday, June 11th brought bright blue skies and dry, yet hot weather! We began the day with smiles and a great turn out! A total of 62 riders joined in for a more than a 135 mile journey that included a stop at Jerry's final resting place, Devotional Gardens, Dunn, NC, then a stop for lunch in the town of Coats, where Jerry had grown up. Many riders took home great door prizes!!! Ron's barn brought down the house once again with some phenomenal BBQ pork and fried chicken and fixins. Next stop was Fun Products of Goldsboro, NC and then a final stop at Cyclemax of Wilson, NC. A bonus door prize was awarded there. Most completely escorted by sheriff offices and city police departments, the ride commenced and ended with great safety and without any mishaps. The law enforcement that assisted must be given the highest recognition for an outstanding job!!! There were lots of pictures taken and a video recorded, some of which have not yet been received. Thnere will be updates and additions to the gallery here on the website in the near future. Please stay tuned. Until then, wish us well on our upcoming plate sale August 25th and thanks to all who have had a part thus far in making the June JAMR such a huge success!

Less than 48 Hours To Go!!!!

Alright my JAMR Fam, it will soon be time to ride. I'm not going to make this a long post today...short and sweet. See our home page for details on the ride. Meet at the Kangaroo on 70 across from RA Jeffrey's in Goldsboro at 6 a.m. the morning of if you would like to travel into the Capital with me and those closest to me!!! Otherwise, see you at Ray's between 8 and 10 a.m.!!! You can also register or donate online, here under our "Help Out" tab!!! See you Saturday - weather looks to be beautiful as of the latest forecast!!!! As Jerry would say, "Let's Ride!"

Tracy ~AKA Red

Behind the scenes - The working parts of The June JAMR

Well folks, it has been a busy few months. Being from eastern NC and from tobacco share croppers, when we get close to an end of something or a goal, we refer to it as being in the "short rows." I am deep in them. They are short, yet thick, and many of them still....referring to the tasks that still lay ahead in these last seven and a half days leading up to the JAMR on Saturday June 11th!

What sort of things are there to do to pull off a gig like this you may ask? Well, it is quiet a production. So far this calendar year alone, The June JAMR has grown with establishing it's non profit status, establishing a board of directors, launching this awesome website...(cough, cough) thanks to Sharp Media Design and Brock Sharp!!! :), to growing sponsorships, renewing past sponsorships, to negotiating plans for not one, but two fundraising events this year, and then to the actual planning for those big events!!

Obviously The June JAMR (Jerry's Annual Memorial Ride) is and always will be Main EVENT!!! And did I mention it is almost here! ?? Then in August on the 25th, we will partner with several Goldsboro local businesses to provide delivery of BBQ plates for a plate sale fundraiser to supplement our annual JAMR efforts. Anyway...lets look at what goes into the actual RIDE!

First, we had to pick the date. Well...not really. When we started this thing up last year we decided then it would always be the second Saturday in June. Why you may ask? Well...most motorcyclist (bikers)  know...once the weather gets warm, we get a little wind crazy. There are tons of rides and rallies. It is hard to plan anything in the biker world during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months here in the eastern part of the United States that doesn't coincide with something else going on at the same time in this industry. So, we have to compete with all these different events and it's tough. We finally just laid our finger on a weekend and said this is it. We tried not to run into major holidays,  Myrtle Beach, SC Bike Weeks, or the Angier Bike Fest, yet we still compete with the ride of the Tail of the Dragon. There was no way we could ever find a single weekend that would not coincide with something. We rest easy knowing everyone will not Ride the Tail every year. LOL. So, the second Saturday in June it is and will always be. Brand that to your memory now. :)

Next we had to communicate with old sponsors and work on new ones. This process had to be started early. For this year we actually started this process right after the first annual JAMR had wrapped up, last year. Confirming logos and permissions, obtaining new ones, and getting written verifications from some....all were things that were undertaken early. Then came the creation of our event flyer, more approvals, adding all the same data to our website, and then the printing and posting...and sending it to those who were so kind to publish it for us... (cough, cough) thanks to Debbie Sykes aka "Doobie" and Behind Barz Magazine! A HUGE thanks also to the creators of many social media outlets and the pages within them that have shared our ride info as well!

Next was a plan for the ride route (always a work in progress - as we aim to year after year change things up a bit), then communication with an eatery - thanks again to Phyllis and Kitty at Ron's Barn BBQ & Seafood for all your support!! There is one thing you can count on about bikers - we love to eat - so good food was and always is a must for our participants!

Safety was then addressed for the ride route with communication and assistance from multiple county and city law enforcement officer escort/blockers. Speaking of safety, let me add, because we want our ride to be safe, memorable, comfortable, and entertaining, we expect the worse and prepare for it, hoping we never have to rely on it...but as a measure, we have a recovery truck with trailer for potential break downs that will bring up our rear. On board will be multiple coolers of bottled iced water, sunscreen, first aid kit, extra fuel (we know some don't have huge touring tanks on their bikes), and we will have at least one registered nurse and one first responder in our riding group! Additionally, country road areas of the route that some may be unfamiliar with, will be marked with stakes and streamers to indicate turns, just in case someone falls behind and has to play catch up. Trust me, we have tried to think of everything.

Registration for our ride - Thanks to Ray Price Harley-Davidson of Raleigh and especially Kris Weiss for hosting our event registration this year and for their very generous door prize contribution. Also thanks to Kris for his generosity in offering to emcee our lunch door prize drawings!! Stops on our ride include Devotional Gardens of Dunn, where the man of honor and memory is laid to rest, for a very brief memorial (Jerry would have wanted it even less than this probably). Then on to Ron's Barn for lunch and door prizes!!! We have tons of these...thanks to other stop businesses like Fun Products, Inc. of Goldsboro, and Cyclemax of Wilson - and tons of other businesses local to the ride route who have jumped in with free meal cards and gift cards, and merchandise - like Popeye's, Gieco, Farm Bureau, Dollar Tree, The Lantern Inn, Paradise Pawn, Harris Teeter, Carlie C's, Heidi's Two Wheel Café, and many, many more (please see our total list on our affiliates and sponsors pages)!!! We aim to not only feed our riders well, but make sure they have a blast on our ride and want to return next year...and bring friends!

All those door prizes, they came with time invested in building relationships. It has been work, but well worth it. Through these efforts we have established many friendships and strengthened existing ones.

Speaking of relationships...our networking in the communities that we try to involve has brought us to know many people we would have otherwise never known. Some of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing are bikers. While I am proud to be one, I have to say I am even more proud I am Jerry's daughter and through him and now his legacy, I have the pleasure of knowing people he knew that until recently I had never met and people he never knew that now know who he was. Many of these connections, I hope will be year after year participants in The June JAMR.

Who has done all this you may wonder? While I have led the team, it still takes the team to make the dream work. My immediate family and fellow board members, as well as tons of volunteers...there are about 30-40 of them at this point...it could never happen without these folks!!! We have all worked, picking up things, posting flyers, networking, selling craft bracelets that represent our cause, making calls, and meeting with ideas to make this thing work the best it can.

Why? We all had a common love for Jerry for starters....or for many, the products of Jerry, my brother and myself. As well, either because of our relationship with Jerry or with someone else, we have all felt the waves of sarcoidosis crash upon our shores. So, while a week from tomorrow we will ride and have fun - what Jerry WOULD have wanted - we all do it because we want others to know about sarcoidosis and how it can destroy individuals and scar the ones that love them.

Jerry - he was humble. Not a showman like me. Not sure where I got that quality from, but it wasn't from Jerry. Jerry would have thought all this hoopla was crazy and not necessary. But we promised him we would not let his memory die. We keep it alive for our family and his friends. And even though he may not have been too fond of our idea and the dream that is coming to be, he would have been proud. Proud of me and my brother for everything we are doing to try and help someone else not have to suffer the way he did...or the way we did as we stood alongside, confused, struggling to help without needed resources. Jerry was a giver. Always. He would do without for his loved ones and for a stranger. Any friend of his will attest to that. This is our way of helping him continue to give.

And....with that...Jerry would say, "Let's Ride!" Sure hope you will join us on Saturday, June 11th 2016 for the Second Annual June JAMR!

Until then, be well and ride safe my friends!~

Tracy aka "Red"


Just 11 short days away...and time is flying! Soon we will be saddling up for Sarcoidosis and to remember Jerry, who was such a great friend to many!! Don't miss this ride folks. Spread the word. Visit us at The June JAMR on Facebook and like our page. Follow us on Twitter  @thejunejamr.  Preregister for the ride here on our site at the "Help Out" tab. It's rain or shine and we will eat and fellowship early in our route, so please come out and support our great cause! Don't forget, our door prizes are stacking up fast and still coming in!!! The food is going to be off the chain and we cannot wait to see you!! Join us Saturday morning June 11, 2016, 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. for registration at Ray Price Harley-Davidson, Raleigh for the second annual The June JAMR!!

The 2nd Annual June JAMR is just 23 days away!!!!!

Wow!!! Can you believe it?! Time sure does fly when you are busy as a bee. But sure enough, the JAMR is almost here!!!

Busy? You say. Yes...I have been preparing for the best JAMR yet! Our riders will not only enjoy a really nice ride through the country of Eastern NC (135 miles approximately - be sure to arrive at registration with a full tank) but they will also enjoy a great meal of BBQ and Fried Chicken, with fixins, dessert, and some of the best sweet tea around!!!

But that's not all folks!!! Check out this list of awesome door prizes....and I am sure I am forgetting a few:

Gift certificates and meal cards from major sponsors like Popeye's (select locations), Fun Products, Inc., Applebees, the Lantern Inn, Heidi's Two Wheel Cafe, Paradise Pawn, Sunrise Barber Shop, and The Dollar Tree!

A free Concealed Carry Class!!! Thanks to Wayne Co. range owner, Ken Edwards

A free motorcycle rental for a day and other cool Harley-Davidson swag from Ray Price H-D!!!

Swag to include a full-faced Fulmer helmet from Cyclemax!!!

Swag from sponsors like, Brock Equipment Co., Downe's Auto Parts, Prince Tire Co., Bob's Muffler Shop, Farm Bureau, and Gieco!

You just don't want to miss this ride folks. Hit our "Help Out" tab and register now to save time the morning of the event!!!

Can't wait to see you old friends and to make some new ones, too!!! In the meantime...stop in to visit with us at Sam's Club of Goldsboro (we will be out front) on Sunday, May 22, 2016 from 2-4 p.m.!!!!

Tracy aka RED


40 DAYS!!!

Just 40 more days and we will be knees in the breeze folks!!

Don't forget, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Share the info about how to look twice and save a life. Also, remember the old game we played as kids when we would see a VW Bug? Punch Buggy? Well, the new and improved game is punch bike!!! Play this game with your kids. Every time you or they see a motorcycle when you are on your daily travels, give each other a punch. See who can score the highest each trip! This is not only a fun filled game to pass the drive time by, but also a great way to teach our young to look for motorcycles, before they have even thought about having their own driver's license!

Last, please remember, you can now register early for the JAMR under the "Help Out" tab here on our site. Print and complete the waiver/registration form and bring with you to the ride the day of the event. Then pay online with any major credit or debit card. We cannot wait to see you there. Bring your cash for a few awesome buys and a chance at the 50/50 pot!!! And don't miss this...we have some phenomenal door prizes thanks to many awesome sponsors!!!

Until next time, be well and ride safe my JAMR family!


The June JAMR Executive Director

Just 47 Days Till We Ride For Sarcoidosis Awareness

WOW!!!! Time is drawing near my JAMR family and friends. Just 47 days till the big ride, and a BIG ride it is! I had the pleasure with sunny weather and warmer temps yesterday to ride most of the route. Our travel between Raleigh, Benson/Dunn, Coat/Angier, and Smithfield will be super beautiful. Rolling hills, winding roads, and some of the most beautiful farms and homes for your eye candy that I have seen in a while! You will not be disappointed!

Word to the wise, please be sure to refuel close to Ray Price H-D just before registration because you are going to need a full tank!

I will post the details of the route soon! Stay tuned and until next time, ride safe and be well my brothers and sisters!


April is sarcoidosis awareness month! Please join me on Sat. April 9th with lighting a candle in memory of or honor of someone you know affected by sarcoidosis. The team at The June JAMR will burn candles in memory of Jerry M. Grimes, M. Catherine Watson, and Nancy W. Bell and in honor of Tim Tucker and Tuwanda Faison. Please visit www.stopsaroidosis.org for great educational information, videos, and profile/home cover page pictures for your social media sites! Help us help others by spreading the word!

With sad hearts, The June JAMR mourns the loss of one of its own - Mr. Sandy Styron

Sandy was not only a great pharmacist for Jerry and family, but also a great motorcyclist who supported our cause without fail, faithfully, each and every year since the first ride for Jerry in 2014, when The June JAMR had not even been thought of. Sandy will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family, especially his riding side kick and twin brother, Andy. Below is Sandy's obituary. RIP brother!

June 27, 1957-Feb. 27, 2016

Simon Oliver “Sandy” Styron, 58, of Pine Level died Saturday morning, Feb. 27, 2016, at his home. He was born June 27, 1957, in Smithfield, N.C., to the late Simon Daniel and Ann Pleasants Baker Styron.

Sandy was a pharmacist working with several drug companies in Goldsboro over the years, most recently with Carlie C’s Grocery Store. He was a member and elder of the Selma Presbyterian Church, a member of the Selma Masonic Lodge No. 320 and President of the Oliver Cemetery, Inc.

Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 2, 2016, in the chapel of Parrish Funeral Home of Selma, NC, with the Rev. Roger Banks officiating. Burial, with Masonic rites, will follow in the Oliver Cemetery near Pine Level.

Surviving are his wife, Rebekah Styron; daughter, Ruth-Ann Styron of Raleigh; son, John Styron of Pine Level and brother, Andy Styron and wife, Sheri and their daughter, Ana Styron, all of Pine Level.

The family will receive friends Tuesday evening from 6-8 p.m. at the funeral home.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Oliver Cemetery Inc., In care of Bebe Parker, P. O. Box 43, Pine Level, N.C. 27568.

Online condolences may be sent to the family at parrishfh.com.

Icy roads mean pot holes and danger for motorcycle riders in the coming weeks!!!!

My, my, my....that darn Ground Hog sure is playing games with us this year! He has flat out lied!!! LOL. We thought it would be an early spring, but ol' man winter doesn't want to leave us be. With that in mind, if you have been out and about after these bouts of ice and snow - and the ash white lines of salt and brine on our highways, you have probably seen tons of pot holes! Yes, this stuff really makes a mess of our highways...a mess that becomes very dangerous for us bikers in the coming weeks. So, be mindful now...keep an eye out on the road conditions as you travel your normal routes that you may be traveling on two wheels when the weather breaks. And if in an area you don't normally travel, be mindful of the nasty winter we have had and that all roads are subject to have suffered damage. Most importantly, if you drive during the day you can see this damage...if you drive at night, that may not be the case... Lastly, just BE CAREFUL. Ride safe my friends!!!

Welcome to The June JAMR!!! WE ARE LIVE!!!

Bursting at the seams with excitement for our new website! Many thanks to a job well done by Mr. Brock Sharp!!

Tons of things going on with The June JAMR!! Our 2016 ride event is on the count down! 124 days until the BIG DAY!!! You don't want to miss this ride! It doesn't matter if you ride a bike, a trike, or a cage (conventional automobile) we want you to join us as we Saddle Up for Sarcoidosis! Many opportunities to win door prizes and more!!! And don't forget, your registration fee includes a fabulous lunch with all of The June JAMR family at Ron's Barn BBQ & Seafood in Coats, NC!!! Yum Yum!!! 

Soon to come to our website - the availability of registering and paying for your participation in advance...saving you and us time the morning of the event and giving you multiple payment options!!!

Last, don't forget, August 25, 2016, we will host a BBQ plate sale! We will be passing envelopes to local Goldsboro, NC area businesses to pre-sell and will offer delivery of all plates sold. If you or someone you know may be interested in having an envelope at a specific place of business, please visit our CONTACT page and drop us a message!!!

Until next time, ride safe my friends and be well!