Icy roads mean pot holes and danger for motorcycle riders in the coming weeks!!!!

My, my, my....that darn Ground Hog sure is playing games with us this year! He has flat out lied!!! LOL. We thought it would be an early spring, but ol' man winter doesn't want to leave us be. With that in mind, if you have been out and about after these bouts of ice and snow - and the ash white lines of salt and brine on our highways, you have probably seen tons of pot holes! Yes, this stuff really makes a mess of our highways...a mess that becomes very dangerous for us bikers in the coming weeks. So, be mindful now...keep an eye out on the road conditions as you travel your normal routes that you may be traveling on two wheels when the weather breaks. And if in an area you don't normally travel, be mindful of the nasty winter we have had and that all roads are subject to have suffered damage. Most importantly, if you drive during the day you can see this damage...if you drive at night, that may not be the case... Lastly, just BE CAREFUL. Ride safe my friends!!!