40 DAYS!!!

Just 40 more days and we will be knees in the breeze folks!!

Don't forget, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Share the info about how to look twice and save a life. Also, remember the old game we played as kids when we would see a VW Bug? Punch Buggy? Well, the new and improved game is punch bike!!! Play this game with your kids. Every time you or they see a motorcycle when you are on your daily travels, give each other a punch. See who can score the highest each trip! This is not only a fun filled game to pass the drive time by, but also a great way to teach our young to look for motorcycles, before they have even thought about having their own driver's license!

Last, please remember, you can now register early for the JAMR under the "Help Out" tab here on our site. Print and complete the waiver/registration form and bring with you to the ride the day of the event. Then pay online with any major credit or debit card. We cannot wait to see you there. Bring your cash for a few awesome buys and a chance at the 50/50 pot!!! And don't miss this...we have some phenomenal door prizes thanks to many awesome sponsors!!!

Until next time, be well and ride safe my JAMR family!


The June JAMR Executive Director